SOBY : AI-equipped two-wheeled, two-legged autonomous robot

SOBY : AI-equipped two-wheeled, two-legged autonomous robot

Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I’m Yuki Ikeda, a master student at Soka University. In the master’s program, I currently major in intelligent robotics, and I participate in competitions such as RoboCup@Home with a team called "SOBITS.

What is SOBY ?

I would like to introduce “SOBY”, a project I’ve been working on for recent months. First of all, I hope you will enjoy watching the video about “SOBY”.

YouTube : Introduction of SOBY

SOBY is an AI-powered, autonomous, bipedal, two-wheeled robot. We are developing SOBY with the goal of creating a robot that can live with people both as a pet and a sidekick while being close to them. With its two legs and two wheels, SOBY can do various things keeping its balance. We hope that everyone will take good care of it.

I post about SOBY’s growth and technical topics on Twitter using the “#SOBY成長日記”. I appreciate if you follow SOBY’s growth there.

Twitter : Yuki Ikeda