Sound of dynamixel servo

Hey guys,
I am new to this community.
This is regarding a requirement of using a servo having 18kgcm STALL torque and above all makes NO SOUND at all during its operation of tilting a screen. Can you guys share some information on what servo to choose?
I have heard that the Xseries of Dynamixel servos are very quiet and smooth.

18 kg-cm converts to 1.76 N-m according to this site

You can go this site to compare Stall Torque among the X-series

It looks like you will have to use XM series or higher performance actuators.

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Thanks for that roboteer. What about the sound? That’s my main concern. I want a really quiet servo

Every motor makes sound. They are quieter when new and get more noisy when older. So you are better off thinking about noise mitigating design also.
If money is no object, you can look at the Pro series which has better gear train. Once I got to use one of those and it was quieter than the XLs that I was using.

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Thank you for that roboteer.

I recommend XM430. Having experienced servo development at a Japanese manufacturer, I know that there are multiple causes of servo noise, but the XM430 overcomes most of them.
XM430 has been used for motorized zooming of camera lenses in Japan.