Stanford University Principles of Robot Autonomy- Syllabus, Lectures & Notes

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I wanted to share this link from Stanford University- this is from their Principles of Robot Autonomy course which uses TurtleBot3. If you’re new to TurtleBot3, or would like to learn more about advanced uses of ROS and robot autonomy, this is a great class to review information from! Check out the link below:

With online courses like this available it’s amazing to see what options are available for anyone who wants to learn! Let me know if you have questions-- make a post and let’s discuss!


hi I can^t find the link what the course series is.Can you add the online course link

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The syllabus can be found at the given link.


The syllabus contains the information on the recorded lectures as following:

"Lecture recordings: Operated by the Stanford Center for Professional Development
(SCPD), video cameras located in the back of the room will record all lectures for this
course. For your convenience, you can access these recordings by logging into the course
Canvas site These recordings might be
reused in other Stanford courses, viewed by other Stanford students, faculty, or staff, or
used for other education and research purposes. Note that while the cameras are
positioned with the intention of recording only the instructor, occasionally a part of your
image or voice might be incidentally captured. If you have questions, please contact the
course staff at "

You might need to sign up / in the canvas.

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Unfortunaltely I couldn^t sign up the canvas .Do you know How I can sign up the canvas.

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I believe you can contact canvas support, and they will kindly help you to create account.

Not sure the website allows anyone to signup,