Teaching Mode _MX_64_for robot arm



I have 3 MX-64 which is the joint acutator for my 3 links robot arm.

Issue Description

I want to make a teaching function:
when torque on:
I can easily rotate robot arm by my hand and feel some damping feel.
when I stop move robot arm, the MX can hold the arm without rotation

what kind of motor mode is suitable for this application? current mode, postion current control mode??

thanks a lot!

Current mode is suitable.
Set the current value that can compensate for gravity for each MX-64.

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thanks a lot! the compensate for gravity is difficult? because the torque created by Gravity also changed by angle depend on time, also friction in MX_64 also involued .

thanks a lot!

you’re right. The required current value varies according to the angle of the robot arm.
You need to calculate how much current is needed at which angle and put it in.