Tenacity Rover - A 3D-printed "Mars Rover" with Dynamixel servos for corner steering

“Tenacity” is a roughly 1/4-scale “Curiosity-alike” 3D-printed rover complete with a rocker-bogie suspension, GPS navigation and AI-powered depth camera for object detection and navigation.
4 Dynamixel AX-12 servos controlled from a USBD2 provide corner-steering and turn-in-place navigation capability.
A Raspberry Pi 4 running ROS(Robot OS) is the main controller.

  1. Code and CAD files can be found on Github
  2. Project page at Hackaday

There is also a YouTube Channel showing off the Dynamixels-based steering & navigation:



Did train the model of a object detection like using CNN or something?

I am using the OAK-D camera, which comes pre-loaded with ImageNet and YOLO CNNs flashed onto it. So the camera recognizes objects automatically.

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Full marks fir aesthetics


Look fascinating…:+1:
what is the max speed of the rover?

I haven’t actually measured it, but I’m going to guess around 0.5M/sec.
You can get a rough idea from some of the videos about the speed.