Torque control frequency of Dynamixel XH540-W270-T


I am in the process of implementing torque control on 12 Dynamixel XH540-W270-T servos using c++. And my objective is to achieve a control frequency of approximately 500Hz using a single U2D2. I was wondering whether this frequency is attainable with the Dynamixel protocol(1.0/2.0)? If it is not feasible, what is the maximum control frequency that can be realized with this configuration?


A 500Hz control frequency is achievable using a U2D2 serial converter, provided you set your baud rate as high as you can reliably do so in your system and adjust your USB port latency to eliminate as much delay as possible.

Hi Jonathon,

I appreciate your reply. I’d like to confirm if your solution is suitable for torque control, specifically for reading and writing current commands to the Dynamixel in 500Hz.