TurtleBot3 AutoRace Simulations

Hey roboticists,

Today I wanted to share a new playlist released by the ROBOTIS Open Source Team YouTube channel- TurtleBot3 AutoRace Simulations!

The TurtleBot3 AutoRace is normally a yearly competition which focuses on autonomous robot control using the ROBOTIS TurtleBot3 platform as standardized hardware for a level playing field.

Teams are then able to make modifications to the robots and source code with a goal to complete a number of obstacles featuring different environmental interaction and information-based goals. This requires fine control of your robot, and detailed programming to anticipate challenges!

Now, ROBOTIS has released new resources for all users of the TurtleBot3 platform to begin preparing for the next AutoRace using the new ROS Noetic Ninjemys distribution! Take a look at the video playlist, below!