Turtlebot3 for Ubuntu 20.04/ROS Noetic Autorace_2020 Camera Calibration Question

System Turtlebot 3 Burger ROS Noetic

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Control Environment

RemotePC Linux Ubuntu 20.04 ROS Noetic Desktop-Full Distribution installed in a Partition on a Dell Windows PC Harddrive. SBC Robot Ubuntu-Mate 20.04 ROS Noetic Desktop-Base on a Raspberry Pi 4/4Gb.

Issue Description

Request assistance for doing the Turtlebo3_2020_Autorace Intrinsic Camera Calibration: Having completed the emanual Quick Start Guide I successfully installed and have the Turtlebot3 Burger running with teleop, SLAM & Navigation. Then following Section 8. Autonomous Driving , successfully installed the Camera and can view the image with rqt_image_view on the RemotePC Desktop. The question is regarding the Intrinsic Calibration procedure where the script `roslaunch turtlebot3_autorace_camera intrinsic_camera_calibration.launch mode:=calibration runs on the RemotePC Desktop, but no Display opens to show the checkerboard. I can view the checkerboard image with “rqt_image-view” but the camera calibration is not performed. rostopic list shows many /image topics.

Additional Information/Attachments

Investigating further, it appears that the in the turtlebot3_autorace_2020/turtlebot3_2020_camera intrinsic_camera_calibration.launch is missing the node launch statement to launch type=cameracalibrator.py with option to use the —size 8x6 and —square .020 checkerboard on A4 paper. Also the Turtlebot3_autorace_2020 Noetic is missing the /data folder with checkerboard pdf file (I used the one in the Turtlebot3_Autorace Kinetic github) . The /data folder is in the Kinetic turtlebot3_autorace instructions but not Noetic turtlebot3_autorace_2020. Please provide a revised turtlebot3_autorace_2020 Noetic intrinsic calibration launch file that launches the camera calibration.py node.

Continuing Investigating with some resolution. Item 1. On the RemotePC Desktop /catkin_ws/src/turtlebot3_autorace_2020/turtlebot3_autorace_camera/data folder containing the checkerboard_for_calibration,pdf file to be used for calibration. Item2. Success in executing the Intrinsic Calibration by a) installing "$ sudo apt installing “$ ros-noetic-camera-calibration” and running "$ ros run camera_calibration camera calibrator.py --size8x6 --square 0.020 image:=/camera/image camera:=/camera I was able to save the “/tmp/calibrationdata.tar.gz” and unpack to ost.yaml. As it was not clear from the manual section 8.2.2. Part 8 where to save the file, I created a folder and saved the ost.yaml as follows: turtlebot3_autorace_2020_camera/calibration/intrinsic_calibration/camerav2_320x240_30fps.yaml folder. Please confirm this is the correct procedure to move to the Extrinsic Calibration

To clarify my question , the Noetic Turtlebot3_autorace_calibration github of the Noetic branch that shows Extrinsic Calibration folder but no Intrinsic calibration folder to save the camerav2_320x240_30fps.yaml file, as referred to the picture in eManual 8.2.2. 8. showing the Intrinsic calibration data .yaml file. Note that the that the folder location is not readable in the manual image. Please define the location to save this Intrinsic calibration data file?