TurtleBot3 Software(v1.0.0) and Firmware(v1.2.0) Update - OpenCR - Additional Sensors

eManual Item 8 Basic Operation, 8.4.3 Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04, what are the recommended power connections? HC-SR04 specification is +5 v supply so is the Vcc +5 v/Ground Arduino Shield socket pin a suitable place? Also is a 500 mf capacitor across the Sr-HC04 +5/G recomended? Or what is recommended?

For Item 8.4.5 LED, what are LED polarity (i.e cathode/anode), Series Resistor value and power connections? The eManual details the use of BDPIN_GPIO_4, _6, 8, 10. Are these pins connected to the individual 4 LEDs anode or cathode leads, through a series resistor and other 4 LED leads connected together in common and connected to either +3.3 or ground? What is the value of the series resistor?

Yes, you said that HC-SR04 specification is +5V supply. OpenCR has arduino connector(arduino shield socket pin). In my case, I used this 5V/GND pin. If you want to connect capacitor to stabilize the power supply, I think 0.1uF is suitable. Or refer to HC-SR04 datasheet.

I used four anode LEDs. Each anode lead of LED is connected BDPIN_GPIO_4, 6, 8, 10. and cathode leads is connected together in common and ground. In this case, I didn’t connect resistor. But I recommend connecting a 1k ohm resistor.