U2D2 doesn't communicate to XL430-W250-T


I used Dynamixel Wizard 2.0 and later also R+ Manager 2.0 to get connected to my XL430-W250-T actuator via U2D2 communication converter but it doesn’t detect the actuator at any boudrate and firmware recovery is unsuccessful either. When prompted I turn off my regulated power supply at 11.1V and after a few seconds I turn it on again but nothing happens. The U2D2 converter is flashing all the time so it seems to be working. I’m using the 3 pin TTL cable that was supplied with XL430-W250-T to connect the U2D2 to the XL430-W250-T. Everything happans in Windows 10 for the time being.

Would you advice how to proceed?

When you supply power to your XL430-W250-T actuator does the red light on the back of the servo blink?

yes, exactly. Is it an issue?

When you first powered on, the led of the DXL should flash once, then turned itself off. If this is so then good news, the DXL should be working Ok.

Next when doing Firmware Recovery, try to power off/on the DXL by unplugging & replugging the DXL cable instead of powering off/on the power supply directly.

I found the problem. As the documentation table shows the pin assignment the order on the 3 pin connector changes in the “Diagram” and “Housing” fields. I didn’t notice it.

Nevertheless, I had to use R+ Manager 2.0 to upload the updated firmware. Dynamixel Wizard 2.0 worked only ones for the first servo.