Unable to control open_manipulator robot with effort_controller


  1. I am using the Open manipulator robotic arm and would like to control it using ros_control and effort_controller/JointPositionController. When doing this I do not see any errors in the terminal, however the physical robot does not move when I publish to its topic. I have looked through the open_manipulator_controllers, which implements the hardware abstraction layer for ros_control, and the code should be compatible with the EffortJointInterface (GitHub - ROBOTIS-GIT/open_manipulator_controls: OpenMANIPULATOR Controls). I have gotten the robot to work using the position_controller, however I would like to use the effort_controller. How can this be achieved?
    Thank you in advance.
    Kind regards, Anders

Hi @roboys

The launch controller is designed to work with ROBOTIS control libraries.

Although there are some experimental examples for example, gravity compensation and Moveit, those examples are not fully developed yet.

Which ROS do you use btw?

Thank you.