University of Toledo Robotics Automation and Design Lab on Multi-Robot Systems Featuring TB3

Dr. Adam Schroeder and Graduate Student Corey Willams have spent a lot of time in the RAD Lab at the University of Toledo working with Turtlebot3.

Starting with the ROBOTIS eManual and working their way up to the impressive swarm robotics included in their many current research projects. Along the way they had to learn and develop many new techniques for working with the TB3, from complicated networking all the way to small usability tweaks.

Dr. Schroeder and Corey Willams have been kind enough to share all of this new knowledge with the ROBOTIS community in the form of a whitepaper to help anyone who wants to implement their own networked TB3 solution!
Turtlebot White Paper_2020.11.06.pdf (1.3 MB)