Using XM430-W210-R without MAX485

Hi all,

We are creating a system with a XM430-W210-T (only one), this servo is controlled by an embedded computer on Linux. We currently use USB with u2d2, all goes well.

But u2d2 is hard to integrate in our system, we are looking for the most minimalist system. This is why would like a direct (wiring only) connection from the servo (XM430-W210-T/R) to the computer (Celeron® Processor J6412 - UART compatible, with USB, RS485, GPIO), computer I/O can be custom.

We can switch to XM430-W210-R but by reading the 4.5.1/2 from the XM430-W210 E-Manual, we saw that MAX485 must be used. So, my question is, is there any way to use a single XM430-W210-R without any chip (so only wiring) between servos and RS485 of the embedded computer?

Or any possibility to connect our XM430-W210-T directly to the computer. From what I saw a direct connection from TTL to the GPIO for example can cause some clock trouble.

Really simple issue, potentially already an answer here, but my knowledge in English is limited.

The MAX485 is required in order to convert full duplex UART communication to the half duplex communication used by the DYNAMIXEL actuator.

If you can implement another way for your UART to communicate via half-duplex, you will not require the conversion circuitry.