Velocity + current mode

I am using velocity mode on dynmixel xh430-v350 on joints on a hexapod robot, I would like to have compliance and thus I am wondering if it is possible to limit the current output when in velocity mode like in position+current mode, thanks!

The Current mode supported by your DYNAMXIEL servo provides endless rotation similar to velocity mode, with the addition of compliance.

Hi @Jonathon thanks for the reply, but this this case I wouldn’t be able to keep the velocity constant regardless of the load (provided it hasn’t reached a threshold or the current limit) right?

That’s true. You’d have to monitor the current RPM and actively adjust the goal current to keep the velocity steady.

For a semi-simple implementation of compliance in Velocity mode you can configure a PWM Limit to cap the maximum output force of the servo.

Depending on exactly what it is that you need, and how much work you’d be willing to put into an external control solution, PWM mode might be a good fit as well.

I see, I will give the PWM limit a try first, thanks!