Where is the PWM pin of the Dynamixel MX-106R?

I would like to connect the Dynamixel MX-106R to a Teensy 4.1 via PWM.

Which pin of the MX-106R connector corresponds to the PWM signal, which one to the VDD, and which one to the GND, please? A real picture with the annotated pins would be helpful. Thank you

That will take more work than you would expect. In general you will need a DXL shield to convert the full-duplex of the Teensy 4.1 to the half-duplex that the MX-106R needs. And I have not done this particular project myself.

“spidey” at this post mentioned some success with Teensy 4.1, maybe you can ask “spidey” directly for some more details.

To expand on Roboteer’s answer, DYNAMIXEL servos are digital servos that communicate over a serial interface, not analog PWM servos. In order to drive DYNAMIXEL servos from a PWM input you need something to convert the PWM signal to the correct serial communications protocol.

This was using the MXR shield and communicating over TTL signals, not PWM.

You wont be able to control the dynamixel via PWM without using a PWM to RS485 - it would be way simpler to use an RS485 interface plugged into the Teensy.


Sorry if I misunderstood your question. I thought that you wanted to use the PWM control mode?


Oh, it appears there is a PWM mode, I was mistaken! I haven’t been able to find any code or examples of how to use it but it does appear to be a thing.

Not all Robotis DXLs have this capability.

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To be extra clear here, the PWM mode supported by most DYNAMIXEL servos isn’t a PWM signal input mode, but a mode that allows you to specify a desired motor output PWM to the DYNAMIXEL servo over the serial communication bus.

However, 330 sized DYNAMIXEL servos do have limited support for RC control modes.