Wire gauge required for 4 daisy-chained dynamixel motors

I have three XM540-W270-R and one XM430-W350-R, all daisy-chained, where the first XM540-W270-R gets power/data input, and the XM430-W350-R is the last motor in the daisy chain (i.e. the furthest away from the input). Looking at the stall torque currents for these motors, XM540-270-R has a stall torque current of 4.4A at 12V, while XM430-W350-R has a stall torque current of 2.3A at 12V. So the maximum current will be 15.5A. Will the default 21AWG wires be sufficient to carry this current? Or do I need to connect higher gauge wires to the JST EHR-04 connectors, and if so, how would that be done?

Do I need to add power jumps to decrease the amount of current going through the first motors in the daisy chain, as described here?

The default wire gauge will be enough to safely carry the current that is passed up the daisy chain by the actuators.

With only 4 servos connected to the chain, whether or not you need a power jump will really depend on the maximum output of your primary power supply as well as the expected load across your system. The chain is likely short enough that you don’t need to worry about the ends browning out unless you’re working at maximum loads along the entire length, but adding an extra power jump to be safe wouldn’t hurt anything.