XW540-T140-R cannot be controlled and cannot run to the designated position

DYNAMIXEL model: XW540-T140-R

Phenomenon: After the steering gear is enabled, a command is issued to rotate the steering gear. The steering gear cannot be controlled and cannot run to the designated position, causing it to stick like glue.

  1. Use DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 software to search for the servo, which can be found.

2.Using DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 software for repair, the software did not respond and cannot complete the repair.
3.Use the self check function, and the self check results are as follows:
4. The tools and power supply equipment used for this test are normal. By connecting to other normal waterproof steering gears of this model, the steering gear can be searched and repaired.

In the screenshot you posted, it looks like the servo is reporting an Overload Error in the Wizard.

If this error is always being shown, and the motor isn’t able to be turned by hand then it most likely means that your DYNAMIXEL has had a motor failure. In this case, the only way to repair it would be to submit an RMA request to have your motor repaired.

If you would like your hardware repaired by ROBOTIS, you can submit an RMA request to your region’s ROBOTIS retailer.

When submitting your items for RMA service please be advised: in the event that the units are not covered under warranty you will be responsible for the cost of shipping + repairs (labor/components) before ROBOTIS may return the RMA units.

To proceed with RMA service fill out the the appropriate form from the list above to open a request with your region’s RMA team. In addition, you may find the troubleshooting self-checklist useful to assist in filling out the RMA request form.