Your Robot Jenga Partner: Jenghis Khan!

Hey all,

I have a short, fun video to share today- the University of Melbourne Robotic Systems class created an awesome project based on DYNAMIXEL which I thought you’d all enjoy.


JENGHIS KHAN is a robot based on the DYNAMIXEL XL430-W250-T & XL-320 and was created by the course in 2019 as part of an assignment to create an automated Jenga stacker. Jenghis Khan excels at its job and more, using the XL-320 for a simple gripper and XL430-W250-T providing the strength to lift its light payload of Jenga planks.

To take it further, the group created a full GUI for the manipulator and allowed user inputs to control the height and size of the tower as well as the location of its “loading dock” where it picked up new pieces.


Hopefully we can see more tutorials from groups like this making these awesome low-cost robot projects! I know I’d like one of these for my next board game night- lay back and relax while Jenghis Khan does the setup work!

sci fi help GIF by Echo Games VR

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