AUTMan Humanoid TeenSize Team Description Paper RoboCup 2016 Humanoid Robot League, Leipzig, Germany

AUTMan_Humanoid_TeenSize_2016_TDP.pdf (741.8 KB)


This document introduces AUTMan (Amirkabir University of Technology and University of Manitoba), a joint team participating in the Humanoid League Teen Size competition at RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig, Germany. This team was founded in 2013 and is a collaboration between two teams from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran and University of Manitoba, Canada. Our humanoid Teen Size research is mainly based on both universities’ previous experiences in participating in the RoboCup humanoid league. A brief history of Team AUTMan and its’ research interests and directions for future research are given in this paper. Our main research interests within the scope of humanoid robots are: (a) design of different basic postures for walking gaits, (b) push recovery and active balancing, (c) running robots, (d) accurate localization, and (e) strategic reasoning for soccer.

Keywords: RoboCup 2016, humanoid joint team, walking gaits, active balancing and push recovery, running robots, localization, strategic reasoning.

This academic paper features our DYNAMIXEL MX-28, MX-64, & MX-106 all-in-one smart actuators

All credit goes to: Soroush Sadeghnejad, Jacky Baltes, Sepehr Ramezani, Mohammad Karimi, Ariyan Valaei, Mohammad Javadi, Jamillo Santos, Tikwai Poon, Behnam Yazadnkhou, Danial Alihosseini, Mohsen Seyyed Hosseini and Sepehr Behjou