Current based position control mode


I am using OpenMANIPULATOR X

Control Environment

I am using Windows 10 , MATLAB version 2021 for controlling Dynamixel XM430-W350-T. I have used Dynamixel wizard 2.0 and Dynamixel SDK for this.

Hardware Description

Open manipulator x (OpenMANIPULATOR-X)

Issue Description

For controlling the speed of operation of Dynamixel in Current based position control mode
I have restricted the goal current, but no reduction in the current is occurred. What is the reason ?

HI @Amala

I’m sorry about the delayed response.
The Goal Current should restrict the maximum current output when DYNAMIXEL is set to Current based Position Control Mode.
Have you tried with some smaller Goal Current value such as 20?

If possible, please let me know which firmware version is installed on XM430.

Thank you.

Thank you so much… Its worked. Firmware version is 46 (0x2E)