DYNAMIXEL X series 제어 관련 문의


저는 지금 python로 XM540-W270-R 모터를 제어하고 있습니다.
모터는 실험장치에서 설치하고 낮은 속도로 구동하려고 동작이 안됩니다.(토크가 부족이 아닌 것 같습니다)
높은 속도로 동작이 된데 빠라서 원한 제어가 아닙니다.
그리고 기본 위치 PID 값은 (800,0,0)인데 다른 값으로 수정해서 모터 진동가 많이 생겻습니다.
그래서 낮은 속도 구동를 되고 진동도 없는 방법이 있습니까?

Would you be able to provide some more information about what kind of control you are hoping to achieve in your DYNAMIXEL project, as well as what control modes you are using?

Providing this information will help me in providing you advice on how to program your DYNAMIXEL system.

I want to implement position control. Now the motor is in extended position mode.

If you are looking to limit the speed of motions in position control mode, then the Profile Velocity control table item allows you to set a maximum allowable motion speed.


You may also want to check the current value of Profile Acceleration. If it is still defaulted to 0, this means that you are using an Impulse Profile so the actuator is bound to be jerky.

You may also want to read up on the free Kindle Sample of my book for the Engineer kits


Perhaps read Chapter 2 which is written for the XL-430 in simple Position Control mode and detailing the interplay between Profile Acceleration and Profile Velocity, but should apply also to the XM-540.

Also you may want to view this YouTube video: