Entry for Miniature Machines Contest -- ConeBot: A shy robot

ConeBot is a shy robot who is scared of the attention from people, it really hopes people won’t notice it while it is trying to enjoy its own adventure in this whole wide world!

The design of ConeBot includes the use of 2 Dynamixel XL-320 servo motors, an SG-90 servo motor, and a ESP32-CAM Board with a camera.

Following are some pictures and videos of ConeBot:


You can find more info about ConeBot here:


@ReiLee This is an adorable robot submission and I thank you for participating in this contest utilizing our XL-320 actuators. Let us know if you need any support from ROBOTIS for any projects.

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This made us smile, so cute! Have you tested it on cats or dogs yet? :slight_smile:

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Not yet, but definitely would love to try it sometime!