Miniature Machine Contest: YGB V0.4 (Yard Guard Bot)

My wife has been working on various robot designs over the past few years, testing various capabilities and configurations. Below find V0.4 of her Yard Guard Bot (name is work in progress).

She’s written software to detect pine cones, now she’s working to feed that info to the Arm so it can pickup the pine cone and put it in a pre-designated location. We have a few dozen pine trees in our yard, hence all the pine cones.

Here’s a simple BOM she put together for this submission, with pictures and videos below.

Build of Materials:
The arm is using Robotis OpenManipulator-X

The vehicle parts include:

  1. 4x Robotis servos: XL430-W250-T
  2. 4x RC Monster Truck Tires and Wheels set from Amazon
  3. 4x Wheel Joint that are 3D printed using TurtleBot3 Friend Monster 3d Model
  4. 1x Robotis OpenCR 1.0
  5. 1x Raspberry Pi 3
  6. 1x Raspberry Pi Camera
  7. 1x Robotis Bluetooth Module: BT-410
  8. 1x Robotis LiPO Battery
  9. 1x Robotis LiDAR
  10. 10x Robotis Waffle Plate
  11. 14x Robotis Plate Support
  12. Some M2 and M3 screws

Yard Guard Bot V0.4

Yard Guard Bot V0.4 Width

Yard Guard Bot V0.4 Length

Yard Guard Bot V0.4 Height

Yard Guard Bot V0.4 Front

Offroad Test #1

Pinecone Pickup Test 1

This is my first created topic, so I may have some post-editing to do… Let’s find out. Questions/comments are welcome!