MRL Team Description Paper for Humanoid KidSize League of RoboCup 2019

Humanoid KidSize League of RoboCup 2019

Humanoid KidSize League of RoboCup2019.pdf (600.3 KB)


This team description paper presents the specifications of the MRL KidSize humanoid robot system which contains different parts including system overview, robot vision, world modeling and motion control. MRL humanoid team is developed under the RoboCup 2019 rules to participate in the KidSize humanoid soccer league competition in Sydney, Australia and like the last years we will introduce a referee with sufficient knowledge of the rules available dur-ing the competitions. We use self-designed and self-constructed robots to par-ticipate in the competitions.

Keywords: RoboCup, KidSize Humanoid League, Bipedal Locomotion, World Model.

This academic paper features our DYNAMIXEL MX Series all-in-one smart actuators

All credit goes to: Hamed Mahmoudi, Alireza Fatehi, Amir Gholami, Mohammad Hossein Delavaran, Soheil Khatibi, Bita Alaee, Saeed Tafazol, Maryam Abbasi, Mona Yeghane Doust, Asal Jafari and Meisam Teimouri of Qazwin Islamic Azad University