OpenRB-150 not working, gets hot

I’ve been using the OpenCM9.04c for a long time, and recently picked up an OpenRB-150 to give it a try. And I just cannot get it working in any way, shape, or form.

My physical setup is an OpenRB-150, a USB cable, and an XL330-M077-T I had laying around (ID=1). I’ve got the jumper set for 5.0V rather than Vin.

In terms of software, I have the Arduino IDE (2.1.0), with the board manager URL in preferences, the SAMD board manager installed, the OpenRB-150 board manager installed, and the Dynamixel2Arduino API library. I’ve got the OpenCM9.04c stuff on there too, and have been using that successfully.

I can open the example sketches, upload them without errors, and…nothing. Ping gives me the same sort of error described here. The ID example code fails. Position_mode does nothing, just gets stuck on position 0; moving it manually doesn’t work either. Ditto for all the other sketches I’ve tried. I’ve used the usb_to_dynamixel sketch along with Dynamixel Wizard 2.0 and…nothing. The LEDs blink as it scans (including combinations that should work), but it never picks up the servo. Even the LED example doesn’t work.

Most alarming is that the region of the board close to the USB connector gets very hot, as does the region undernearth the processor. Not quite “burn myself” hot, but definitely “hot cup of coffee in a thin cup” hot. Way hotter than I think of as normal for electronics.

I don’t see any obvious defects or burns, and everything seems to upload, but then nothing happens. Any thoughts?

On the back on your OpenRB-150, there should be a round QC sticker, what does it say? 2234?

Can you disconnect the DXL out completely from the OpenRB-150 and try the good old “Blink” sketch to make sure that the SAMD21 controller is still working by itself? Does the RB150 board still gets hot in this situation?

Sorry for the long delay, only just got back in to work today. The QC sticker is 2244.

The good news is that that Blink works. The bad news is that even without a motor attached, it’s as hot as ever, concentrated in the same areas (near the USB port and under the processor). I’ve got long header pins, and even those feel warm.

I wouldn’t use it anymore and would contact Robotis or your original vendor for an RMA so that they can check it out