Problem Dynamixel Servo Mx28

I have 4 MX28 servos. Of the four servos I have, suddenly only 1 servo can be detected by Dynamixel Wizard and the ID of the three servos cannot be detected at all. Does anyone have a solution to check the servo problem?

In this case it’s best to test them 1 by 1 maybe there is a mixup in the IDs.

Testing has been carried out 1 by 1 but it still cannot be detected

When you first turned on the “trouble” DXLs, do you see the LED flash on for a short time then turn itself off? Or does this LED stay on all the time now? If this LED stays on all the time now, you need to request an RMA to send it back for repairs.

If the actuator’s LED only flashes on temporarily, there is still a chance to get it working again. Have you tried to do Firmware Recovery one-by-one for the non-functioning DXLs? Sometimes I had to do Firmware Recovery 2-3 times on the same DXL in order to wake it up again. And you are going to need to let Dynamixel Wizard try out ALL BAUD RATES when you scan them.

But if you have done Firmware Recovery and the DXLs still don’t work, you’ll need RMA for repairs.

OK, thank you, I have done recovery 4 times and the servo ID can be detected. The condition I experienced was that when the servo found a source, the LED would turn on once and then turn off again, the LED would not light continuously.

That is right. The LED should NOT stay lit continuously, because that is a sign of a serious hardware failure.

What if the LED is normal but the servo ID still won’t be detected?

Time for a RMA for repair if under warranty. If not, cheaper to get new DXLs.