Problem Id servo in cm530

I have a Cm530 and it will be connected to 12 servos. Among the total of 12 servos there are MX28 and AX12 servos, but if 12 servos are connected, not all of them are detected, but only half of the servo IDs are detected. What is the cause of the CM-530 not being able to detect all the connected servo IDs? with cm530. The cable replacement has been carried out and the cable used is in good condition

Are the 12 servos connected in a single daisy chain? And they all have distinct IDs right? For the DXLs that are recognized by the CM-530, are they “closest” to the CM-530? Can you find the ONE that is “last connected”? I meant that “down-stream” of this one are all the unrecognized DXLs located? Try to troubleshoot that junction then.

You can always try to connect the CM-530 only to those unrecognized ones to see if they got recognized because the daisy chain is now shorter?

I have an ID problem that sometimes disappears or is not detected, but when I recover it, it can, but sometimes it doesn’t. I did recovery using u2d2

Are these OLD controller and DXLs?
Did the disconnection happen right at rest/start or after actual motion?

usually occurs when the condition starts and the ID is lost after that sometimes it is replaced with another servo and the servo that lost the ID suddenly reappears and is detected

From your descriptions, my best guesses are as follows:

  1. Your CM-530 is working OK.
  2. There are insecure-contact issues at the Molex connectors level for these older AX and MX servos. And in the past, I had tried to keep the cables from wiggling too much by taping the cables down, near the Molex connectors - see picture below.


If this does not help, I have no other ideas to suggest!