Rhoban Football Club Team– Description Paper Humanoid KidSize League, Robocup 2015 Hefei

Rhoban_Football_Club_Humanoid_KidSize_2015_TDP.pdf (2.1 MB)


This paper gives a short overview of the design of the kid-size humanoid robot Sigmaban of the French Rhoban Football Club Robocup team. The robot is built to play soccer in an autonomous way. It describes the main hardware and software components in their current state, major upgrades and research tracks for the upcoming Robocup 2015 competition.

This academic paper features our DYNAMIXEL RX-28 & RX-64 all-in-one smart actuators

All credit goes to: R. Fabre, H. Gimbert, L. Gondry, L. Hofer, O. Ly, S. N’Guyen, G. Passault, Q. Rouxel from CNRS, LaBRI, University of Bordeaux 1