RoboFEI Humanoid Team 2018: Team Description Paper for the Humanoid KidSize League

RoboFEI Humanoid Team 2018.pdf (2.5 MB)


RoboFEI is a recurring team on the KidSize League from RoboCup’s competition, participating in this category since 2014, in the competition that took place in Jo˜ao Pessoa/PB, in Brazil. In order to participate in this year’s competition in KidSize League Category, that will be held in Jo˜ao Pessoa, PB, this paper presents the actual team’s configuration, regarding hardware and software of the robots that will be used by RoboFEI team in this year’s competition.

Index Terms— Humanoid Robots, Team Description Paper, KidSize League

This academic publication features our DYNAMIXEL RX-28, MX-64, and MX-106 all-in-one smart actuators

All credit goes to: Sylvio R. J. Neto, Aislan C. Almeida, Danilo H. Perico, Thiago P. D. Homem, Isaac J. da Silva, Claudio O. Vil˜ao Jr., Vinicius N. Ferreira, Jade C. C. Gali, Jo˜ao Paulo A. Paula, Lucas M. Carregaro, Guilherme P. Oliveira, Gustavo D. Fernandes, Rodrigo B. Coelho, Gustavo M. Matos, Jonas H. R. de Oliveira, Felipe S. A. de Freitas, Rodrigo W. S. Soares, Lucas D. Chagas, Breno H. F. de Souza, Mariana A. de Oliveira, Plinio T. Aquino Jr., Flavio Tonidandel, Reinaldo A. C. Bianchi from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Computer Science Centro Universit´ario FEI