Unbounded Designers Teen & Kid Size Team Description Paper Humanoid League, Robocup 2018, Montreal, Canada

unbounded designers.pdf (766.1 KB)


This document is a brief summary of research studies on Teen Size and Kid Size Humanoid Robots by Unbounded Designers team of the Islamic Azad University of Isfahan from Iran, to participate in RoboCup 2018, Montreal, Canada. This team has formed up and started its research activities in 2015., aiming to design an open-source platform for kid size and teen size Humanoids. This report gives a summary of our hardware design activities, such as Mechanics and Electronics, and software design tasks, such as Motion Algorithms, Machine Vision, and Localization, and innovative ideas of the team to improve and complement prior research in further works.

Keywords: RoboCup 2018, Humanoid Robots, Open Source Platforms, Electronic Design, Mechanic Design, Motion Algorithms, Image Processing, Localization

This academic paper features our DYNAMIXEL MX-28, MX-64, & MX-106 all-in-one smart actuators

All credit goes to: Mohammad Reza Reiahi Dehkordi, Soroush Abdollahi, Mohammad Hossein Rezayat, Dr. Sayed Mahdi Sajadieh and Dr. Farsad Zamani from the Islamic Azad University Isfahan Branch, Unbounded Designers Robot Lab, University Blvd, Arqavanieh Blvd, Jey Street, Isfahan, Iran