[xs_sdk] Failed to open port at /dev/ttyDXL

Hi! I have a WindowX 6D0F arms using the U2D2. When I will run some examples like:
roslaunch interbotix_xsarm_control xsarm_control.launch robot_model:=wx250s
The following error appears:
[FATAL] [1689855906.163561499]: [xs_sdk] Failed to open port at /dev/ttyDXL. Shutting down…
I looked at the problem solutions, but to no avail. I’m using wsl Ubuntu 20.04 Ros Neotic.


I haven’t tried the robot arm you have, but you might have forgotten adding the rules file from the xs sdk where ttyDXL is defined.
interbotix_ros_core/interbotix_ros_xseries/interbotix_xs_sdk/99-interbotix-udev.rules at main · Interbotix/interbotix_ros_core (github.com)

If you haven’t added this rule, your U2D2 will be shown as something like /dev/ttyUSB# when entered the following command in the terminal.

$ ls /dev/tty*