MTKE (Motorized, Therapeutic Knee Exoskeleton)

MTKE.pdf (277.0 KB)


The M-TKE is a gait-mimicking, motorized brace
intended for leg motion stimulation. It is the first phase of
the NJIT BME project to produce a full, lower limb
exoskeleton, the M-TEL (Motorized Therapeutic, Exoskeletal
Legs). The central idea behind the M-TEL is to produce a gait
training exoskeleton to be used in a rehabilitative setting for
paraplegic, CP and simply patients diagnosed with any
disease that impairs lower body motor function. This paper
however will centralize on the M-TKE, its development and
the research that is being done in coalition with the
production of it. The concept behind the M-TKE is that when
motion is induced in a leg that has lost mobility, blood flow
to the leg will increase, some muscle will be regenerated, and
ultimately some functionality of the leg will be restored.

This academic paper features our DYNAMIXEL MX-106 all-in-one smart actuators

All credit goes to: Edward Alfonso, Ximena Fernandez, Nicholas Peloso, Robinson Rosado

Advisors: Dr. Richard Foulds, Dr. Ghaith Androwis

Instructor: Dr. Joel Schesser

Department of Biomedical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, USA