Rhoban Football Club: RoboCup Humanoid Kid-Size 2016 Champion Team Paper

rhobanfootballclub.pdf (1.7 MB)


For its fifth participation to the RoboCup Kid-Size Humanoid League, the Rhoban Football Club reached the first place of the competition in 2016 in Leipzig. This competition aims at opposing teams of small autonomous humanoid robots in real soccer games. Implementation of complex mechanics, electronics and software systems is needed. In this paper, we summarize and describe some distinctive parts of our architecture. Going from our foot pressure sensors, our opensource alternative Dynamixel firmware, the use of kinematics models, the odometry and camera calibration to our perception system as well as simple but effective team play strategies.

This academic paper features our DYNAMIXEL all-in-one smart actuators

All credit goes to: Julien Allali, Louis Deguillaume, R´emi Fabre, Loic Gondry, Ludovic Hofer, Olivier Ly, Steve N’Guyen, Gr´egoire Passault, Antoine Pirrone, and Quentin Rouxel from the Rhoban Football Club Team, LaBRI, University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France