Servos Ax-12A, Xl-320 and Mx-28

how do you combine the 3 series of dynamixel servo ax-12A, Mx-28 and XL-320 into 1 microcontroller and if possible how do you combine them? what components do you need?

Basically you need to remember that the Control Circuit for all DXLs uses the same 5V TTL coming from the DATA line of ALL DXL connectors, although their Power Circuits may use an assortment of Power Voltages of 12V, 7.5V and 5V through their VDD line which of course have to be kept separate, but at the same ground line.

I called that a DXL Palooza and you can read up on this post to get an idea:

You are going to need separate PS and these DXL hubs will be very handy:

And also various “compatible” DXL cables as needed:

I would just cut off various VDD or DATA lines as needed (depending on how you design your Control and Power Circuits) to keep the various Power Circuits/Hub isolated from each other, although they ALL need to be at the same ground, of course with the Control Circuit and your controller.